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Tax Software for IRS Form 5471

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Use Microsoft Excel© and Adobe Reader© to prepare form 5471

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+ Comprehensive, inexpensive and easy-to-use.

+ Uses multi-column Microsoft Excel worksheet for easy carryover of prior year information.

+ Routine tasks such as printing the tax worksheet are fully automated.

+ Calculates all tax form amounts, with carry of amounts to related parts of the form.

+ Includes hyperlinks to IRS instructions and supporting information in the worksheet.

+ Automatically merges data with the IRS tax form and displays it in Adobe Reader.

+ Automatically rolls-over (copies) data from the prior year worksheet to the current year.

+ FREE download of actual software for evaluation (certain features are limited).

+ 2016 update NOW available. Prior year software and forms also available.

What's New

1. Revised for Excel 64-bit - The 2016 version of our software has been revised to operate under the newer (64-bit) versions of Microsoft Excel. The operating aspects of the 2016 software have not changed as a result of the revisions. The 2016 version should be compatible with Excel 2003 through Office 365.

2. Custom Menu - The custom menu that automates many routine tasks has been moved from the Excel Menu Bar/ Add-Ins tab to the top of the calculation worksheet to streamline access to the menu options.

3. Save Data with Adobe Tax Form - You can now save the Excel data merged with the Adobe Tax Form with the Tax Form. As in prior versions of the software, data can still be edited when displayed in the form, but any changes you make will not be automatically reflected in related parts of the form, or reflected in the calculation worksheet.

4. Lock Adobe Tax Form - A new Lock feature has been added to the Adobe Tax Forms that allows you to lock a copy of the form from further changes. You can then distribute the locked copy electronically (e.g., by email) to organization members or other interested parties. A small Lock icon is displayed in the top right corner of the first page of each form. Click on the icon to lock the form.